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Customer Comments

Don't take our word for it....

last friday I received the jerky.

Let me tell you is worth the wait: it's definitely the best jerky I have found in internet (and I have ordered a lot of it all around Europe). Probably better than that I've found in US.

Please email me when new flavours and products become available, and be sure I will order more!

Many compliments, 5 stars

Giulio (Italy) February 1st 2011

I don't knoe if this is the place to email you for testimonials, and my apologies if it isnt:

This is my third time ordering jerky. I live in Denmark and the past two times the service has been fast and professional. And the little greeting on the invoice from Julie made it all seem a little more personal as well. High quality product as well. Five stars!

Michael Lundt August 3rd 2009

Hi Julia

Just a quick email to say many thanks for the fast delivery of the beef jerky I ordered to Orkney.

I have to say that your beef jerky is by far and away the best and most tasty jerky I have ever had. I especially like the Hot & Spicy jerky very nice indeed.

I will definately be ordering more in the near future. Thanks again.

Kind Regards

Kinlay Francis July 9th 2009

Hi Richard,

No doubt you have received my second mail confirming arrival of the Jerky. I was so busy tearing it out of the parcel that I had not noticed that the invoice has also arrived. Thanks for your hand written comments too, so nice.

I can only say that it is the best Jerky I have every tasted, and I thought what I had in USA was good but this just beats it all. AND I am only on the natural at the moment!! I have no doubt the rest of the mixed bag is equally as good.

I am going to send your address to the American Women’s club here in Lugano and maybe you will get some orders from there, I do hope so.

Must go, Jerky is waiting!!! Can’t wait to add the Habanero Extreme Heat to my next order, because you can be sure there will be a NEXT order!!

Mandy July 9th 2009

Hi richard.
Just recieved the package. Was so excited, was like a mini christmass. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I went as far as opening the traditional jerky and having it for breakfast. I have to say it brought me right back to a trip i made to New York a few months ago and to many trips i made to Florida I made as a child. What a loveley taste. You have a really lovely product and i am glad that i chose to order yours. I am now looking forward to trying the rest of the flavours i ordered. In the knowlege that i can order more with just a clock of the mouse. Thanks for the speedy delivery. I will be recommending your company to all of my friends. Best of luck in the future.

A new and deffinatley loyal customer

Paul Moran May 2nd 2009

Hi Richard

Just recieved the jerky, the Habernero is superb, very hot with just a hint of sweetness, rest assured I will now be ordering in quantity!!!!

All the Best from Clevedon

Paul Franks January 13th 2009

hallo there, this afternoon i recieved my orderd beefjerky, my first taste of jerky and i must say it is outrageously tasty and i do have an terriffic urge for more so you can count on me ordering more,thank you for a very tasty snack


Rinus Reiman April 26th 2008

The jerky arrived this morning, and wow it tastes fantastic.

Really amazing stuff you make.


James Wilson January 23rd 2008

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the email - it`s not many businesses that you get that personal touch or contact with nowadays, something that is much appreciated by myself - especially in a day and age where it seems to be only about making money - when I was younger it was about building a firm product base and clientele, which would in turn help the growth of your business...ahh - the good old days!!!

We`ve tried various outlets via the web, but most resulting in sub standard taste or quality, packets too small (extreme heat take note - pulling your leg - although I do ask you for a bigger bag everytime I write!) or the product just being too expensive (usually combined with a small bag size, ie 40g @ £4.29 - not funny!!). We`ve also tried some local butchers, but they`ve not cracked it yet - dried meat yes, but not so dry I can use it as a hammer(!), and all usually expensive - especially the biltong. Supermarkets and grocers all seem to be selling the same over-priced small bags - reasonble quality but nothing to shout about.

So in summary, I think we can safely say that your balance is near perfect - well, in our eyes anyway!!
(I might not be a jerky expert, but I`m working on it - perhaps I need to eat more!!).

Please feel free to use any email content for your testimonials or comments board - if it`s good for business for you then we`d be pleased to know we`ve contributed.

In the meantime, keep up the good work and we look forward to hearing from you when time permits.
All the best for Christmas.


Paul. 18th December 2007

Thank you.
your e-mail was most welcome, as I am both poor and jerky tempted.....

Also, I would agree that yours is the best.
Even the american stuff our friends used to take over occasionally, before you could get it here (apart from the US military shops - I had a contact in the USAF!), I would say that of he eight or so types they have taken over over the years, probably one nearly matched, 2 were close, and the rest mediocre (apart from one, which was bowff, and didn't even get finished!

An order to follow.
no hurry, as usual.

Neil Wiseman December 11th 2007

I've tried quite few jerkies and I must say yours is the best tasting, looks the nicest and the most reasonable in price. That and the personal touch you give your customer service means that You can be assured of my continued custom

Thanks very much

Michael Bond November 14th 2007


Just a little message to say thank you so much for your wonderful customer service!

The product arrived just as described, very quickly, and lived up to every expectation. Expect future orders from me as I look forward to trying the rest of your range! A superb product - highly recomended!! A***

Thanks again

Best wishes

Claire from Basingstoke July 31st 2007

Hi, Richard, Gillian, Albert and Julia!

The jerky I ordered some days ago has arrived after one week. Thanks, it's sooo good. Because I ordered a part of the jerky for a friend, my jerky is running empty......

Thanks and best wishes,

Constantin Germany February 26th 2007


Well, your site says to email with our comments, so you could call this a testemonial. My friend ordered me some from your site, owing to several factors. It arrived and I have opened a pack and taste tested it. It is genuinely fantastic. The flavours were great (In the teryaki, not tried the others, yet) and it was wonderfully made. Though I struggled with the resealable packaging, I managed to get a mouthful of the beefy snack.

Anyway, great product, love it so far! :)

Derek Hollier-Day February 21st 2007

Hi all at Wild West Jerky,

Just a quick note to say thank you for a super quick delivery and a TOP product!!

Cheers a lot,

James Fitzpatrick October 9th 2006


I received my package today, and i am extremely impressed with the quality! All Finnish jerky at markets have been quite dissapointing. Quite salty and not much flavour. Yours is completely different. I just finished the hot 'n spicy and teriyaki and i am battling with myself not to open the third one. I will definitely order more and will tell my friends about your excellent jerky. I am very happy customer.

Thank you

Tuukka August 1st 2006

Hiya and thank you for the super speedy delivery!! Jerky is fab, the best we have tasted, we will be back!!!

Thanks once again

Allison April 11th 2006

Hi Richard and co

Just thought i'd write a few lines to express my appreciation at the service you provide. The jerky is fantastic, goes down a treat with my 6x, although i'm labouring a little to get through all 1 kilo of it:P I'll enjoy getting there though.

The service was excellent too, recieving the delivery in 3 days, so full marks there too. Also, the little note with your regards was a nice touch. Too few companies take an individual approach to their custom, so just to let you know, it goes a long way. I will definately be purchasing more in the near future. Looking forward to trying the extreme heat jerky next;)

Best wishes and thanks

Paul C July5th 2006

Hi All

Great service, received my jerky within 3 working days which I was delighted about. I ordered the multi pack which provided lots of different great tasting jerky. Now all the bags have gone in just over a week and I'm looking for more.... I'll no doubt be back for some of my new found favourite flavours


Andy March 29th 2006

Thank you Wild West Beef Jerky - Your jerky is top dolla!!

Fantastic service: Easy informative website, Quick ordering system (no filling out pages and pages of information), Order arrived quickly, Jerky tasted great (will be buying a kilo of the tender bite)!

Wish all online companies were this good!

Marc Mizen Feb 28th 2006

Recieved my order through the post today and I have to say I am well impressed with the quality of your Jerky. Its a taste sensation. Just one question, do you do a hotter version than the Habanero?

Many thanks and well done.

John F Feb 23rd 2006


Just came back from the U.S. with some really disappointing jerky (too salty, not much real flavour), so have put in an order on the website for a mixed bag of Wild West.

Who'd have thought UK jerky would be so much better?

Mark Nov 23rd 2005

I always use to buy JLs jerky, out of habit as much as anything. Then whilst surfing the web found Wild West Jerky & thought I would give it a go for a change, my goodness I never knew there could be such a vast difference, I thought jerky was just jerky. To compare JLs is like chewing an old curry house carpet & yours is more the lovely chewy end bit of a well cooked beef joint. Just wonderful.

I am now a true fan of Wild West Jerky. Thanks for such a superb product.

Stay Happy :-)

Paul B Nov 7th 2005

Hi Richard

My beef jerky arrived today, simply the best. Have already placed next order

Thank you

Best regards

Bo Vinding June 3rd 2005

Just felt that I had to e-mail & add my comments to the other testimonials on your website.

I used to occasionally buy some jerky from my local supermarket & I found it a bit hit & miss quality-wise so I stopped buying it. I found your website by accident & thought I'd try some of your jerky.

I am now totally addicted to the Natural Teriyaki! It is moist & juicy, & I find it difficult to put the pack down once I open it. I ordered 11 packs & am having to ration myself otherwise I would eat 2 or 3 packs in one sitting.

You say you only have 70kgs of this. Will you be doing more of this??

Your service is also fantastic. Like others, I like the handwritten note on the invoice. It does make you feel that your order matters.


Philippa Wade 18th May 2005

Dear Richard,
You do sell the best jerky in the UK, at least better than others I've found. I've also bought it in the USA and yours is better than that. Enough buttering up, I'd appreciate it if you could get my order to me before11 Feb as I'm away on a walking holiday that day and that's what I'm buying the jerky for.

John Thornton 9th Feb 2005

Dear Richard

Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the quality of your products. I have to say in all honesty that your jerky is better than the jerky I've tried in the's lean and full of flavour.

Keep up the good work!

Richard Meldrum 28th January 2005


I have just placed my 2nd order for more beef jerky as the 1st batch has nearly all gone after only a few days!
This stuff is addictive!

I had recently tried jerky from another website but it wasn't very nice at all, this is much, much better.


Neil Lewis 26th January 2005


Thankyou for the order which arrived today - so nice I have just placed another order for 26 of the stuff!

John Harry January 10th 2005

Dear Team at

I ordered the variety pack and some extra hot jerky from your website last week. Living in Germany I thought it might take some time to arrive, and was pleasantly surprised to find my order waiting for me coming home from work the same week. Great service, thank you!

I also wanted to comment on the jerky. I have only ever been able to get J**k L****'s beef jerky in the local W******t, since G******y is a jerky-free zone otherwise. When I started to sample your different flavours and textures, I could not help but find that your claim: "probably the finest jerky in the world" might be true, and it has certainly knocked the living daylights out of that competition.


Stefan 16th December 2004

Thanks for your answer. It arrived today. And it's delicious ;-)


Christoph 11th November 2004


Love the habanero ooooh yeah, choo choo!! That is fantastic - top banana. Numero Uno - hold onto your pants! when are you going to do big bags?

Steve 28th October 2004


The jerky you supplied for our recent trek on the GR 20 in Corsica was a tremendous tasty success.

It arrived when you said it would (within 2 days)
Packaging very convenient for sharing amongst the group to spread the weight
Good portion sizes
Easy to eat on the move and the bags useful to reuse as the rubbish bag for the day
Nice (and sensible nutritional) contrast to all the carbohydrate and sweet energy bar stuff
Mix of Cracked Pepper and Traditional suggested by you was spot on
Expedition Tour leader listed your jerky in his top 3 best bits of kit/supplies of tour

Just to show that we were serious trekkers and not just on a picnic, I've included a picture to give you a flavour of what we were up against with weight of backpacks and terrain!

We'll be back for more next time!

Thanks again

Tim Rowntree 27th October 2004

Hi again

Thanks very much for your top class service and top class beef jerky. This time I sampled your all natural TRADITIONAL flavor. A big thumbs up from me and all my friends who are now eating all my jerky.

Thanks again

David Wright 10th October 2004

Just a quick note to say that of all the jerky I've ever tried, your beef jerky nuggets are the best yet.


Paul Holmes, Fife 2nd October 2004

The habanero spicy jerky is amazing! Definetly onto a winner there. Makes your tongue feel like it's been stabbed by a red hot fillet of beef (in a good way)!

Phil 5th October 2004

Further to my email below - NO WORRIES - the package arrived today - goody! Goody! Goody! Goody!!!! So much lovely jerky, so little time!!!!

Thanks a million!

Best regards
Simon Brewer 30th Sept 2004

I must thank you for the Habanero extreme heat jerky. The flavour is excellent until the burn kicks in and I loose all sense of taste. Having eaten a lot of various jerky from the US I think the guys over there must be a bit soft, I have found nothing overseas to match the heat of this. The hand written warning on the invoice shows a good level of concern for the well being of your customers.


Simon 30th Sept 2004

Hells Teeth!!!!

The Habanero is quality stuff. Easily the best on sale.

Malcolm 30th Sept 2004

Richard.. You ROCK! Umm.. So does your jerky.

Dave M. Sept 2004

I believe that Wild West Jerky should be the leading supplier to all supermarket and food outlets. Stick that in your testimonials.

Chris B. Sept 2004

Thanks once again for the prompt delivery!

The considered opinion of both myself and the lads in the office where I work is that it's a winner (Habanero Extreme Heat flavour) - even though one foolish chap had trouble biting through his piece and spent 5 minutes walking round the office with it stuck between his lips - I don't think he'll do that again as he suddenly started yelling that his lips felt like they were on fire!! (even though i'd warned him.....we all thought he'd end up looking like Lesley Ash!!)

In a nutshell - great taste, lovely "afterburn" effect and an all-round winner - the only problem I had was the size of the bag, as I had to start cutting ever decreasing samples for people to try!!! Hopefully it'll become a regular in the line-up in a bigger bag size.

I hope the other reviews and comments you get are just as favourable...!

All the best

Mike Howard Sept 24th 2004

ps - A big welcome to Angus!!!!


Thankyou for my order ,its almost all gone already.
The extreme heat is hot,VERY HOT.

Small pieces a bit at a time and its really a winner, but you must like it hot.

Kind regards

Bryan Sept 24th 2004


I just want to let you know that the package arrived today and that I love the Jerky!

Abdoel (Netherlands) Sept 23rd 2004

Dear Richard

I had an American friend who talked about beef jerky
for a while, I managed to find some in Selfridges,
which looked like an old leather shoe, I paid a lot it
and guess what, it tasted like one too. I was not
happy and thought beef jerky was nasty stuff. I did
however try some more in a store and loved it. I went
back but they said it was a one off special. I was so
wanting to get more. I searched the net and found
you. I phoned to ascertain whether you supplied the
hard nasty type, or the type I was after, jerky that
was tender and god dam tasty. You were very friendly
and told me to try the Natural range and I thereafter
placed an online order. I also placed a further order
for another range to try. I got into the Firm today
and in my post tray was your package...did you drive
it there yourself?? I did not expect it so fast.
Thereafter I opened the first bag and hmmmmmm. Jerky
is now my breakfast, dinner and lunch. Now is it
really bad to have consumed 3-bags within the hour? I
am now at home with cravings for jerky. I may get
that second delivery tomorrow, so I will be travelling
over to the Firm where I work in order to get it,
because I need my fix!!!

After this taste test, I will without doubt be
ordering more.

Kind regards

Robert Sept 4th 2004


Richard, Gillian,

Thanks for the quick delivery of 1Kg of gourmet original - lovely stuff! My son and I both tried the free sample but, unfortunately, we weren't too keen on it. It was a little too 'tomatoey' for my tastes; I seem to prefer the tried and trusted favourites!

Next time, though, I will go for the mixed value pack just to make sure that there isn't a jerky out there that is hiding from me; be sure to keep on sending the reminders as they are always welcome.

As for feedback on the way you conduct the rest of your business? Absolutely great, especially the hand written thanks on the invoice. It gives the impression that your custom is genuinely valued but, which is more, in a sincere way; and, in this age of technology, it is nice to know that there are still people who care about their customers.

My thanks and best regards,

Craig July 7th 2004

Hi Richard and Gillian,

Thanks for the offer, I was just about to order more jerky off you but I can't remember which was my favourite flavour (dur!) Would you mind mailing me back with the flavour I ordered last time. Thanks for your time.

Yours stupidly,

Mark Gregory July 1st 2004

P.S. love your product, the only thing that stops me ordering more often is the fact that when it arrives it's the ONLY thing that I eat for a few days, I have to run out for a while so I can eat some other food groups!

The hot and spicy is great, i like the hot pepper flavours as well (gourmet and tenderbite) ta for making the best jerky on the web

Matt - 28th May 2004

Dear Richard & Gillian,

Just had to drop a note saying how wonderful your jerky is. I started buying it to help with weight training as a protein-filled snack to help rebuild my muscle, but now I just can't stop eating it at any time of the day, especially the hot peppered tenderbite!
I've just placed an order today, including your new traditional flavours, and I can't wait to try them. If only there was a way to send them over the phone lines....
Thanks again for the wonderful service, and the wonderful products. Keep it up.

Phil Campbell - May 26th 2004

WOW......Feelin HOT HOT HOT......just recieved my consignment and boy this HOT & SPICY flavour sure has a kick...Fantastic....

a very happy
Gary - 12 May 2004


received my order today thanks.
First class service, first class product
nuff said

Barry Green - 30April 2004

Thanks for the fast delivery of the jerky which arrived yesterday. I hadn`t expected you to use first class for a kilo so was delighted to receive it so soon! Lovely service too.

All the best
Amanda - 30April 2004

Hi Richard and Gillian

Just thought I would fire back a big Thank You email; your jerky is easily the nicest I have ever tried, and given how tough it is to find Jerky in the UK, your site -- to an addict like myself -- is a God-send!

Jessica- 30April 2004


Got my jerky today and i've already eaten a whole pack by myself.
I've been looking quite a while for a shop that sells jerky, as it's not
something people know of here in Switzerland. Anyhow I've found
my shop. Good jerky and arrived very fast, eventhough you apologised for late delivery. Seriously, that's what I call fast delivery. The personal
messaged was a nice touch as well.

Hildi- 24February 2004

Recieved today, that was quick... Will be ordering some more soon, great customer service (great product too)

Joel - 6 February 2004

My short story,

I first discovered jerky being another Briton holidaying in florida in the year 1996. Since then I only got it when another relation went to other parts of the us to see friends or when my dad went on business (only two other occasions since Florida!). and finally I have somewhere to get it here and I dont have to wait for someone in my family to take a 20,000 mile plane journey for a purpose thats not to get jerky. I ordered it on saturday or sunday and it arrived on thursday - very fast in my books. thankyou for creating your buisness, I will surley be spreading the word. (your website address)

Chris B - 5 February 2004

My jerky just arrived today. I want to thank you for making such a delicious product. I will certainly be buying more in the near future!

Jon - 5 February 2004

Richard and Gillian

Received my order this week first in a while Im ashamed to admit and it reminded me what a sensational product you have!

The Chilli Wheels are absolutely fantastic a worthy addition to the range. Looking forward to the new products later this year, if they are anywhere near as good as the Chilli Wheels you will be hearing from me a lot more frequently.

Keep up the good work!
David Hamilton - 3 February 2004


I would just like to say a big thank you for the speedy service (as always!), I received the jerky at 8.30am this morning. I really appreciate it, excellent customer service,

Kind regards
Mathew Gordon - 9 January 2004

Dear Richard & Gillian,

I have just placed an order with you and wanted to let you know that since I first discovered Wild West Jerky a year or so ago, I have been extremely impressed by your fast delivery and warm emails. I recommend your website to my friends and find the jerky utterly delicious. Thank you!

Happy New Year to you both.

Best wishes
Anna Rippin - 7 January 2004

Dear Richard & Gillian,

Just a quick note to wish the 2 of you a Merry Christmas, and a happy, prosperous New Year.

Your products are always of the highest quality, but that quality pales in comparison with the fantastic customer service that you provide - always time for that little personal touch that makes all the difference to consumers like me.

I wish you both the best, and will no doubt be back for another snack fix early next year!

All the best,
Andy's Mum's Son!!!! - 16 December 2003

I'm impressed

Credit card transaction processed 2:45 pm. 16 hours later the product being eaten-and enjoyed- in Kent

Thank you,
Graham Dolman - 6 December 2003

Hi there

I'd just like to thank you for your first class service. I can't believe my order came so quickly. I'll definately be buying again, either online or at The Wholesome Food Company. The Jerky is brilliant. Do you have any plans to expand your range of products, I've been told that jerky can also be made from buffalo?

Thanks again,
Michael - 25 November 2003

Good morning Richard,

As it happens, i did receive my jerky on the same day that i emailed you - i got home and there it was! Fantastic taste, by the way - best I've had! I'll be ordering some more jerky today - thought i might go for a selection this time. Many thanks for the quick response to my email - I'll be recommending you to my friends (who i've managed to introduce to jerky!)

Thanks again
Tim - 22 October 2003

Dear Gillian,

Thanks for your prompt service with my recent order. Just thought I'd drop a line ref your chilli wheels. You must get these on sale soonest. Outstanding heat/taste. Opened them to try them and ended up devouring the lot. Fantastic. Could there be scope for a hotter version?!! Anyway, great products and service, Until next time,

Many thanks

until next time,
Colin - 2 October 2003

Just a quick note to say thanks for the order, placed on Monday received today (Wednesday), superb service. The jerky is fantastic and the free chilli wheels are out of this world, I hope you are going to start marketing them.

Many thanks
Jason - 24 September 2003

Dear Richard & Gillian

Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for your phone calls and the personal touches on the invoice. The jerky is beautiful and I will most definitely be ordering more soon. Thankyou again
Peter Bowles - 29 August 2003

Dear Richard,

Thanks so much for the Jerky. I was the girl whom asked you loads of questions about the Chinese version of Jerky remember?

American Jerky is very very different. But a nice different. I loved the products. . . my cheeky partner ate most of it before i could get to it.

Your service was truly out of the world - the personal touch especially.

You will hear from us soon.
Karen - Nottingham - 26 August 2003

Thought i'd drop you a line because i'm just placing another order (Some people smoke, some take drugs..I eat Jerky ;) )

Thanks for the Chilli Sample, I assume it's going to be a new line you are stocking? I'll review it quickly........That stuff is EVIL, I opened the packet while driving....could not stop eating it and by the end had my head out the window..mouth open trying to cool down. It was GREAT, I'll be ordering a few of those in the future!!!!! Fantastic stuff!!

I also wanted to say thanks for the service you have given, Prompt, Friendly and a great product. A customer could not ask for more. As someone else said in the Testimonials section "only one complaint - it was just too damn good! Looking forward to any new flavours and a 1KG bag" :)

About that 1KG bag.................... ;)
Terry - 13 August 2003


My name is Wade Geary I`m a American and I have been living in the UK for 8 years and doing without my Jerky !!

So a big THANKS to you and I Love your products. And it is like the jerky in California USA !! Love it.

Best Regards
Wade Geary - 18 July 2003

Dear Richard and Gillian

Just a quick email to say how pleased I am with your service. I have placed many orders over the past couple of years, all of which have been dispatched very quickly, and the jerky has saved my waistline on numerous evenings, snacking in front of the television!!

Last Christmas I also ordered a side of salmon from you, which was absolutely delicious. Your products are of the highest quality, all transactions are carried out 100% satisfactorily, and your customer service is exemplary. I look forward to placing many more orders with you.

With kind regards,
Sarah Walker - 10 July 2003

Hi Richard and Gillian.

Thankyou for the prompt as ever service, recived the jerky first thing this morning and it is a tasty as ever!!!

I deal with a lot of mail order companies in my line of work but I have to say your service is the best I have come across.

Many Thanks
Chris. - 4 June 2003

Hi Richard

Just a thank you for your excellent service, i recieved my order today and im munching away as i work !

the jerky is the best and i shall be ordering on a monthly basis..

my new diet is the jerky diet ! thanks !
Sarah Eggleton - 4 June 2003

Dear Richard and Gillian,

Ordered my second batch of your fabulous jerky on Thursday afternoon, and received it at 8.30 this morning ( saturday ).

Excellent service, thank you, the jerky is great !!!!!!

Best Wishes,
Jonathan, Sheffield. - 10 May 2003

I am sorry to say that I ever found your web site because you are all 'pure evil'. Not only have my fellow workers now become addicted, but my wife and 8 year old son have also got the 'jerky urge' and it is costing me a small fortune. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. I myself consumed a pack in under 5 minutes. How do you have the nerve to sell something so nasty and good for you to unknowing people like myself. I have a good mind to report you to the good food guide.

Laughing aside, please keep up the good work, and at least I can now say to McDonalds 2 words, one of them being off, when it comes to keeping my family 'snacked up'.

You have certainly reincarnated my taste buds.

Best regards,
Pete Nicholson.- 29th April 2003
P.S if you haven't heard from me by next month then my family have probably sacrificed me due to the fact that we have run out. Also, is it possible to set up a monthly order.


I have just placed my second order with you and thought I would drop you a note to thank you for the speed and efficiency with which you dealt with my first order.

The jerky was unbelevably tasty and the personal note on the invoice was a touch of class. I do a lot of shopping online and usually find it a touch impersonal to say the least. It's reassuring that there are still traders out there who care about the orders they take.

Once again thank you - I'm looking forward to the next lot :o)
Nathan- 20th March 2003

Hi Richard,

My parcel arrived safely and I am already eating it right now. It tastes wonderful and I am letting the folks in all my three churches try them this coming couple of Sundays when I go to preach to them. So thank you very much. God Bless you in your business.

Kim- 18th March 2003

Good morning Richard,

I would like to say thank you very much for the order which we received on Monday. I must say the Jerky was just as good as I remember it from America ten years ago. The Gourmet Teriyaki was the best although we (my wife and I) had consumed it all over two evenings.

Many Thanks also for the extra pack that you sent as way of an apology for lateness, which was greatly appreciated and devoured just as quickly as the rest.

I shall be noting my diary to send a monthly order to you, as our special treat before Pay Day.

It is nice to be able to order and receive goods from a company which looks after its customers as you do, the little emails and phone calls are greatly appreciated and make for a good long term business association with me as yet another very happy customer. I am sure this is reflected all along your customer base.

With best regards
Kevin Woods, Troon - 23rd Feb 2003

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the news letter. I ordered a while ago and was really impressed with your service. Really I should have emailed back after I recieved the order to thank you. It arrived only a day after I ordered and only a few days before Christmas. I was very impressed (and I loved the jerky).

Needless to say I will soon be getting round to ordering some more since the other jerkys I have been able to get hold of (and it's very difficult) have not been able to live up to the standard of Wild West jerky (most of them taste like Peperami!!!), nor have they offered the same excellent service.

I was also surprised to find a little handwritten note on my order from yourself thanking me for my order, I find that to be reasuring that all orders are personalised not just run off by a computer.

Thank you again,
Suzi - 21st Feb 2003

Hi there,

Love the website - very easy to navigate & easy to order from. I've enjoyed everything I've ordered so far. I bought a different brand whose name I don't recall (probably best forgotten anyway) from our local branch of C***** and it was vile. So I won't be doing that again!

Service and despatch are brilliant - and handwritten comments on order receipt ensure a much appreciated personal touch.

Thanks for the quality product
Jackie Cassidy - 13th Feb 2003

Hi Richard,

We are both very impressed with not only the prompt and friendly service, but also the quality of the jerky itself which is superior to anything we have previously brought back from the USA. It's great to have a trusted supplier in the UK as good jerky can be very hard to come by here, and especially one who shows such consideration for their customers.

Kind regards
David Scott, Cambridge - 17th Feb 2003

Just wanted to thank you for the Jerky - only one complaint - it was just too damn good! Looking forward to any new flavours and a 1KG bag?! Will definately be placing regular orders.

Thanks again
SDR - 2nd Feb 2003

Hi, can I just say how pleased I was with:
1) the service i.e. the phone call.
2) the speed with which the product was recieved.
3) the product itself.
It makes a refreshing change to find a company that cares about the little guys and I will without doubt be using your company again,

John Tomkins

Dear Richard, Thank you for sending me the beef jerky that I ordered on 23rd Dec. It arrived at my home in Manchester at 9.30am Christmas Eve!!! I`d like to congratulate you on an amazing product, better than American jerky in my opinion - much more flavour!! I will be ordering more jerky from you in January and letting some of my friends taste it, that should get you some more orders!!

Wishing you and your family all the best for the New Year
Matthew Gordon

Received Beef Jerky today. Thankyou very much, it really brings back my childhood in Canada and USA. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Sandra Lawrence

This is just an email to say well done and please feel free to use it as an endorsement. I ordered 100gms of your Jerky on Sunday and received it Tuesday. I can't believe that it got delivered so quickly given the distance it came.....I cant even get a first class letter from Peterborough which is 17 miles away to my house in less than 4 days and to top it all the jerky is one of the best I have tried. I shall certainly be dealing with you again.

Keep up the good work and many thanks.
Richard Chadwick.

Hello Richard,
Just a line to thank you for the order received today. My sons are delighted and the youngest (20 yrs) has found it to be a good hang-over cure!!!

Anyway, once again, many thanks and future orders will be forthcoming.

Just took delivery of an order of Hot Peppered & Teriyaki Jerky (with a little bag for my daughter who just loves the stuff). I have gotta say, it is the BEST jerky I have ever had! Not that I've had tonnes of it in the past - I usually get some brought back for me when relations or friends come over from the States! But yours is better than any of that!

I will DEFINITELY be ordering more - I just can't put it down when I open it! I missed you on GMTV the other morning (some of us have got to work!!!!), but I hope it went well for you. Keep up the good work. Every success for the future.

Best Regards
Simon Brewer

Thank you once again for the excellent service. The delivery arrived the day after I ordered. The Jerky is as tasty as ever,

Best Regards
Chris Green, Demon Tweeks

Many thanks, order arrived today. Very good jerky! It's good to find somewhere I can get good jerky, I got addicted to it in the States!


Just a quick note to confirm receipt of my order.
Thank you for the extra little pouch I have handed it to a friend to try. Again thank you for an outstanding service

Jason Oliver

To all at Wild West Jerky,
Received my package of Jerky this morning, Excellent! Some of the best I've ever tasted! Many Thanks, will be ordering again very soon.

John Street, Wheatley

Just wanted to say thanks for the promptness of my last order, I had it in my hand less than 20hrs after ordering online!
Thanks again for such a fast and friendly service - YUMMY!


Well thought I would like to say that the 200g original jerky that I ordered lasted 1 day, just too good to keep, once the beer started to flow, that was it, gone. I will be ordering more when funds allow me to,

Thanks for the sale

The post arrived this morning shortly after 7am, The Jerky was there! Took a bag of the pepper jerky with me to work and now it is all gone! Out of the 6 people who tried it, 1 thought it was nice but still decided that jerky was not for them, the other 5 (Including me) devoured the bag and now there are just 2 bags of jerky sitting waiting to be munched!


However it's prepared, jerky still has to be my number 1 snack, and I thank you for allowing me to obtain it nice and cheaply compared to the small fortune required to ship it from the US


Feedback on the Pepper Jerky.......
Made me regain my appetite, I ordered more, I'm drooling in anticipation of the next batch and the new flavours!

I found that the chunks gave 2 distinct different textures and (almost) flavours, it all depended on the way of the cut with/against the meat grain, across the grain was a more brittle and broke in the mouth, it also gave a more intense flavour rush (in my opinion) and if it was cut with the grain I found it more chewy and the flavour was longer lasting and mellow! A real enjoyable experience.

Kind regards

As far as quality is concerned, it is better in texture AND flavour than all the American jerkies we have tasted, but there is a sting in the tail, as if you rush a few pieces in a bit quick, it bites your tongue !!

We just wish you would sell it in kilo slabs.
Mr.& Mrs.Edwards-Jones

First let me just say that the speed in which I received my order was fantastic! I am really impressed.

You asked for my comments on the peppered flavour jerky, well here they are: I am not usually a great fan of the peppered variety as it usually tastes quite rough, but out of curiosity I ordered a bag. To my surprise it was quite smooth, the little kick in the back of the throat is still there but the overall taste is much more refined. Please warn me if you ever want to change the recipe as I will bulk order before it changes.

All in all I am totally happy I found you, Now I don't have to wait months for my jerky to come from America with hefty postage charge and no guarantee I will receive anything at the end of it all.

Thanks once again
Andrew Forcer

Order sent in at 11am on Wednesday, arrives on my door step on Thursday at 8am...... and it's my birthday today.....!!! What excellent service.!

I'm fairly new to the world of Jerky, I only tasted it a few months back when my Brother-in-law returned from California. I love the stuff.... can't make up my mind what I like best the Teriyaki or the peppered....!!!

speak soon

Dear all at Wild west jerky,
I was introduced to beef jerky last year when I shared a flat with 2 Americans, it had always been something I wanted to try and was not disappointed when one of them got their parents to send it over.

I was absolutely delighted to see a piece about your company on a North Tonight news report and immediately jumped onto the net and placed an order (probably a bit daft as it was 3am on a Saturday morning). I received my order today and I must admit this is the best beef jerky I've tasted, its absolutely bursting with flavour!

I also like the fact that it comes in handy bite size pieces making it much easier to chew. Anyway, just thought I'd write to thank you for your prompt delivery of my order and to congratulate you on an excellent product. I hope your company goes from strength to strength and I will certainly be placing another order.

Alan Tait

Thanks for the great service!
The postman awoke me, with apologies, just before 0700hrs this morning with my beef jerky. I am often a critic of "British customer service" (yes, I confess to being an American but, at the moment, am awaiting overdue shipments from two other companies who "guaranteed" something) but was most pleased to get my beef jerky, as promised, right away.

I appreciate you enclosing your card, too. Haven't tried the jerky yet (it being early morning) but I will look forward to doing so.

Much gratitude
Cynthia Thompson

Do you still have the peppered bite size jerky? If you do I would like to buy ten large packs - I am happy to do so via the web site if necessary.

I have just spent a few weeks in Arizona and tried various different styles of Jerky. But the peppered bite size I bought from you last time is probably the best I've tried!

Best regards
Adrian Wilson

Hi Richard,
the jerky arrived yesterday. The jerky is excellent; the whole family have enjoyed it. Thanks for your phone call last night sorry I wasn't in, it's nice to deal with a company that takes an interest in all its orders big or small.