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Wild West Beef Jerky


A Message From the Business Owner

Richard Davies

We've been online now since May 2001 as the first online store supplying the UK and Europe with real beef jerky made by real American Beef Jerky producers.

My name is Richard Davies and many of you who have bought from us will know me from my email replies and phone calls. The picture above was taken nine years ago. I look and feel a little older but still love jerky as much as ever. It's just the best.

I started Wild West Foods (UK) Ltd in order to import the best beef jerky I could find to the UK. I did this because I love it and at the time could not get it legally anywhere. You may not know that it is generally illegal to import beef jerky or any beef from the USA due to the steroids cattle are fed over there. That is why our jerky comes from Uruguay, where they have superbly reared open pasture fed cattle.

I am pleased I started the business and it is growing well thanks to your support and help. We now supply shops all over the country and about every country in Europe and the list of stockists is growing.

If you want to find your nearest stockist or would like to suggest a store please email us with your suggestions.

Finally, I would like to thank you all again for your support and to ask you to email me with any suggestions you might have or ideas for new products. Remember that we have a natural range which is slab style but has no MSG or any artificial ingredients and what's more, I genuinely think it's the best jerky I have tried anywhere in the world.... Don't take my word for it!!

Best regards as always

signed Richard Davies


ps Here's a link to our recipes page. If you have more ideas please let us know! RECIPES