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Wild West Beef Jerky
GOURMET Peppered Slab
Gourmet Original Slab

Beef Jerky Products

10 different jerkies

Wild West Jerky ... now available in Tenderbite, Gourmet or All Natural styles, each in several delicious flavours.


TENDERBITE Beef Jerky Nuggets

A softer textured jerky which comes in two flavours and in 50g, 100g & 200g bags of bite-sized pieces. Tender Bite is easier to chew and comes in small pieces. The flavour is easily accessible. Original and Hot Peppered tenderbite are the lowest carb and highest protein products we carry, although all are very good.

NUGGETS ORIGINAL Nuggets - read more
NUGGETS PEPPERED Nuggets - read more

A more traditional jerky that you can really get your teeth into. It is hand cut and also comes in three flavours. Gourmet Style comes a little tougher and in solid irregular strips hand cut and marinated. This is a ketchup based cure, believe it or not, so the flavour is strong and quite immediate...

Gourmet Gourmet ORIGINAL - more
Gourmet Gourmet TERIYAKI- more
Gourmet Gourmet PEPPERED - more

No artificial ingredients whatsoever. This is jerky at it's best. This range is slightly spicier than the Tender bite and Gourmet and it's cut in slab style like the gourmet. This is the creme de la creme of beef jerky, if there could be sucha thing!!

All Natural All Natural Teriyaki- read more
All Natural All Natural Sweet n Spicy - read more
All Natural All Natural Peppered- read more
All Natural All Natural Hot n spicy - read more
All Natural Extreme heat flavour- read more

Mixed Value packs
A mix of nine bags - one of each flavour except Extreme Heat and two All natural flavours. This is ideal for a newcomer to our premium quality jerky to see what flavour and style they like.

Mixed Packs Mixed Value Pack - read more


200 grammes of solid lean beef steak go in to making each 100 grammes of our Jerky. The beef is renowned as some of the finest in the world coming from that great beef producing country, Uruguay in South America where there are three times as many cattle as people!

The cattle are naturally fed on open pastures throughout the year so no worries about GMO feedstuffs or steroids. This really is the finest beef.

Quality - The beef is first cut into strips or irregular pieces. It is then cured, cooked and smoked to give it that unique mouth watering taste. All this is carried out in a modern USDA and EU approved plant ... read more


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