Buy delicious beef jerky online in the UK for the first time direct from Wild West Beef Jerky

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Wild West Beef Jerky

Our Jerky is Made With 100% Lean Beef


Now a-days Beef Jerky is becoming very popular as people realise the benefits of healthier eating and jerky's wholesome delicious tastes.


It takes 200g of beef to make 100g of jerky. With only around 3% fat, up to a whopping 50% protein and only 64 calories per serving, (25g) jerky is one of the healthiest snack foods on the market, perfect for the active outdoors person and weight watcher alike. What's more, jerky does not crush or melt like crisps or chocolate can under tough conditions while out and about.


All visible fat is trimmed off the beef before making jerky. It is then marinated, cured and smoked.


When you buy our jerky remember that it takes 200g of lean beef to make 100g of end product with these fantastic nutritional qualities, so you can see where the money goes.