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Wild West Beef Jerky – Europe’s Original Jerky Brand

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The original British beef jerky brand

Wild West Beef Jerky

Please do try our award winning Wild West Beef Jerky. We have four ranges and seven flavours of jerky for sale on this site and if you look around you’ll find interesting pages about our jerky and business. The core ranges are nuggets, Gourmet (MSG Free) and All Natural (No artificial ingredients at all).We now also do the amazing HONEY BBQ online.

Please be assured that we at Wild West Foods are proud to supply some of the finest beef jerky available in the world. We promise you that. We now have small bags of jerky in most of the UK’s supermarkets – but here you can buy up to eleven further products and in large bags – This is the site for the jerky fan. Buy some now … here at UK and Europe’s first and best online Beef Jerky Shop

A message from Richard

Thank you for your support over the last eleven years.

Many people new to this site – having maybe seen our brand of jerky in supermarkets in the UK – will be wondering why we have such a big range of jerkies. Well, simple. It’s because everyone has different tastes and we like to make sure everyone will love at least one of our range. So, without further ado, welcome to our web site and online shop. I know many of you will have been before but for newcomers, you won’t be dissapointed with our beef jerky. We are the longest established jerky store and brand in Europe. I am confident it is the best available in Europe. We have so many flavours and cuts, there is something for everyone who loves meat snacks. Check out the testimonials if you don’t want to take my word for it.

We hope that everyone who visits our site is happy with it and our products and we welcome feedback from all as we always want to improve our service and product quality. Please let us know what you think and any ways we can improve anything.

We still have Free postage on all orders over £25 and the range of ALL NATURAL JERKY is going down a storm.
Don’t take my word for it – just try some!

We hope you find our site easy to navigate – any feedback is, as always, much appreciated.

For newcomers, a few pointers -

All the beef cattle used for making our jerky and meat snack range are open pasture, free range and are actually rounded up by real cowboys on horseback! You can find more on this in our “beef” section.


The peppered and original chunks are fresh and tender but solid, not reformed. These are ideal for Atkins and are highest protein and lowest carbs.

The Gourmet range is the USA slab style and is MSG free.

All Natural has no artificial ingredients and has the best taste of any jerky I have tried – without an aftertaste.

Even though the flavours sound similar there is a huge difference between Gourmet Peppered and Peppered Nuggets. The Gourmet is sweeter and less peppery.

I hope this is of some help to new customers.

All orders under £25 still only have £2 p&p for UK delivery by first class.

For any reason please feel free to contact us at this address:

All feedback is a valuable way for us to gauge what you want and what we’ll try to get or sort out.

Best regards as always.